Aspen Fuel

Aspen is the better choice for machinery and for you. Find out more about the technical details here:


Technical Facts:

ALKYLATE PETROL (Aspen 2 stroke and Aspen 4 stroke) UNLEADED PUMP FUEL
Chemically stable/long storage life Deteriorates rapidly/short storage life
Designed for machinery with small engines Designed for car engines
95 RON, 92 MON 95 RON, 85 MON
Labelled as harmful Labelled as toxic
Less than 10 hydrocarbons Over 100 harmful hydrocarbons
25% less hydrocarbon emissions than pump fuel 25% more hydrocarbon emissions than Aspen
Less than 0.01% aromatic hydrocarbons Up to 35% aromatic hydrocarbons
Less than 0.01% Benzene content Up to 1% Benzene content (volume)
No Toluene content Contains Toluene
Only 2 ppm sulphur 10 ppm sulphur

25% more hydrogen/burns cleaner/less soot production = cleaner engines


Ethanol content Nil

Ethanol content 5-10%


Type of Hazard Aspen Premium Unleaded
Total Hydrocarbons – can cause health implications from headaches to cancer 8.1 10.5
Benzene – can cause leukaemia and genetic damage 0.01 0.5
Aromatic Hydrocarbons – can damage the nervous system. Can cause fatigue and nausea 0.01 4.0
Nitrogen Oxide – can cause acid rain and can irritate eyes/respiratory organs 0.52 1.0
Carbon Monoxide – deadly poison which can block blood’s ability to absorb oxygen 160 200

Aspen is available as a pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel and 4-stroke fuel is suitable for strimmers to model cars and lawnmowers to camping stoves. Click here to visit the Aspen Fuel website.