Hire Equipment

Gardening machinery now available to Hire

We now hire a range of equipment to help you keep your garden in tip-top condition. Much of the hire machinery is specialist equipment that you may only use a few times of the year, such as our scarifier, hollow corer or heavy duty roughcut mower. Or they may suit a one-off job, such as clearing a neglected area of scrub, where our wheeled and hand-held brushcutters excel.

Hire Billy Goat Roughcut Mower
So if you have a paddock, pasture or orchard that only gets mown a couple of times a season, why not hire in our machinery, rather than spend over three thousand pounds on an item of machinery that will mostly sit idle, and still require maintenance.

We have long reach hedgecutters for those tall hedges, a selection of three tillers/rotovators from very light and small, up to a heavy-duty model, capable of digging virgin ground.

For the fine lawn enthusiasts, our commercial quality scarifier and hollow corer will set you on the right path. Our scarifier is the perfect tool to remove thatch or moss from any lawn and our hollow corer will ease compaction and aid drainage – perfect for those wanting golf course quality lawns.

We offer a local collection and delivery service too, saving you the back-ache, time and trouble, all for just £7.00 + VAT.

Our Hire Equipment and Prices

Equipment Per Day 2 Days Further Days Per Week
Scarifier 29.00 37.70 7.25 66.70
Hollow Corer 49.00 63.70 12.25 112.70
Roughcut Mower 26″ 79.00 102.70 19.75 181.70
Rotovator H/Duty 59.00 76.70 14.75 135.70
Rotovator M/Duty 39.00 50.70 9.75 89.70
Tiller L/Duty Rotovator 19.00 24.70 4.75 43.70
Petrol Push Mower 18″ 4-Wheel 15.00 19.50 3.75 34.50
Petrol Self Drive Mower 19″ 4-Wheel 19.00 24.70 4.75 43.70
Wheeled Strimmer/Brushcutter 29.00 37.70 7.25 66.70
Leaf Vacuum Bagger Walk Behind 39.00 50.70 9.75 89.70
Long Reach Hedge Cutter 2-Stroke 22.00 28.60 5.50 50.60
Brushcutter/Strimmer 2-Stroke 20.00 26.00 5.00 46.00

All of the above prices are exclusive of VAT, which must be added at 20%.

Please note that all 2-stroke equipment must be run on Aspen-2 fuel to ensure the correct quality and mix of fuel/oil is used. We sell Aspen-2 in 1 Litre and 5 Litre containers, ready mixed and ready to use. You are welcome to use Aspen-4 in the rest of our petrol hire equipment, but we don’t insist that you use it in these machines as the fuel is less critical in four stroke equipment. All we ask is that you use fresh fuel, less than 30 days from the pump, dispensed from a clean can.