Echo CS-310ES



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Our opinion

The best lightweight, small, domestic saw currently on the market. Our most popular domestic saw, usually supplied with a 14″ Bar & Chain – ideal for domestic firewood cutting and pruning tasks. Alternatively, the saw can be supplied with a 12″ Bar & Chain.

It may be small and light, but don’t forget that any chainsaw with a 14″ bar, it’s still capable of cutting down a tree with a 28″/70cm girth, when cut from both sides, should the need arise.

This saw, along with the rest of the Echo range of two-stroke machinery, gives you top quality Japanese design and reliability. You won’t find a better value for money, quality saw, in the 30cc category from any other manufacturer.

Alternative options


Your looking at it – Echo CS-310ES


Echo CS-352ES

Manufacturers Description

ECHO’s CS-310ES is a lightweight, extremely well balanced rear handle chainsaw. It has a premium grade 30.5cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine for both power and durability.

The top-mounted air filter is positioned away from dirt and debris for better filtration. Easy Start spring-assisted starting requires minimum effort – a warm engine only requires a short pull on the recoil rope. The saw has a dual-post chain brake for increased durability, while the automatic oiler delivers optimum lubrication.

The CS-310ES is an ideal tool for pruning and logging. It has guide bar options of 35 or 30cm.

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Domestic / Home owner saws

Averaging 4 hours a month, used for cutting up firewood, pruning trees and the occasional felling or cutting up operation.

Farmer / Land owner

Used for an average of up to 4 hours a week, for all aspects of tree-work and maintenance. Capable of performing all of the operations that a professional saw would be used for, but balancing price against features and longevity. For example, it may be less technologically advanced or slightly heavier than it’s ‘pro’ equivalent.


For the full time forest worker, arborist or tree surgeon. Expected to work in the region of 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. If your livelihood depends on a chainsaw, then these saws are designed for you. Life expectancy will ultimately depend on the conditions that it’s used in, along with the amount of maintenance it receives, but Husqvarna offer a 2-year warranty on all of their professional saws.

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